Who is FW gear made for?

FW is an outdoor brand for snowboarders, skiers and outdoor enthusiasts of all varieties. Our products are highly technical with a minimalist touch, ensuring they work seamlessly from peak to street. We make gear for Alpine living, wherever you are.

What do the different collection names refer to?


Our values MANIFEST in these garments: high quality materials and uncompromising design, all without sacrificing style. Intended for freeride skiing, snowboarding and other high-intensity winter sports. Manifest is our freeride / backcountry focused product family, with the technical fabrics and details to get you there. These are our most technical, high performance products. 


A reaction between two opposing elements that sparks change, energy and zeal. On one side: freestyle spirit and a streetwear fit. On the other: technical features and the absolute highest quality materials.


A product family inspired by our all-time favorite designs from the past. We‘ve reinvigorated the classics with modern details and fabrics, ensuring these garments excel from peak to street.


Explore new routes, landscapes and activities from rugged coastlines, to alpine lakes and canyons. The new SOURCE family has technical, comfortable and stylish gear solutions for all four seasons.


Protection from the elements begins with proper base wear: the first and last line of defense. We design RAW base wear garments to act as a second skin: functional in the alpine and comfortable when relaxing off the hill.


FW accessories are designed to style and protect you come rain, snow, or shine.


What do WPS / LTS / PFL / MDL / LSW / BSW / AXS mean?

Alpine environments are constantly in flux, and gearing up for a day in the mountains can be complicated. We are here to simplify. FW‘s apparel has been split into comprehensive product classifications from Waterproof Shells (WTS) to Base Wear (BSW), so that you may thrive in the sun, snow and the rain. To create functional Gear for Alpine Living, we begin with purposeful and researched fabric selection. We incorporate eco-friendly materials where they prove to be both durable and functional.


Waterproof Shells are designed to be worn as an outermost layer. Fabrics used in these garments are waterproof and ultra-breathable, making them highly protective and repellent against cold, wet and extreme winter conditions. See below for more info on the specific fabrics and technologies we are using in our WPS garments:

A/ WPS 3L Dermizax™ EV
The Dermizax™ is an exceptionally waterproof and breathable fabric that is soft, lightweight, easy to care for and super durable. It achieves exceptionally high levels of breathability and resistance to condensation. The stretchable laminate nicely complements the fabric's elasticity, giving Dermizax™ garments a light and flexible feel. It is the perfect material for sporting activities in harsh conditions, including mountain climbing, outdoor sports and winter sports. Dermizax™ is made of 100% polyester. We use Dermizax™ in our Manifest 3L Jacket and Manifest 3L Pant.

B/ WPS 3L 4 Way Stretch Nylon
This 3-layer fabric is ultra waterproof and breathable, and it stretches to move with your body. It‘s the perfect solution for our expanding backcountry offering: the 3L 4 way stretch nylon can be found in the Manifest Tour 3L Jacket and Bib.

C/ WPS 3L Nylon Dull
This waterproof 3-layer fabric brings breathability and waterproofing to the Root 3L Jackets. These garments bring a renewed technicality to progressive outdoor clothing.

D/ WPS 2.5L Light Ripstop Full PES Shell
The 2.5L Light Ripstop Full PES Shell is the lightest waterproof fabric in the 21/22 collection and features a new recycled yarn. Designed for use across all 4 seasons, this shell has a complex construction making it waterproof and durable. The membrane is protected by a print that is comfortable next to skin, so you can throw on the Root 2.5L Jacket over a t-shirt.

E/ WPS 2L Oxford Wax + Print
Oxford Wax + Print is a waterproof, 2-layer printed fabric with a wax coating finish to provide comfort and a unique texture. It is composed of 100% polyester and is Oeko-Tex® approved.

F/ WPS 2L Oxford Recycled Yarn
Oxford Recycled Yarn is a waterproof, 2-layer shell fabric that has an authentic, natural outdoor look with no compromise on technicality. It is composed of 100% recycled nylon yarn. We use this material for our Root Anorak. 

G/ WPS 2L Ottoman Recycled Yarn
Ottoman Recycled Yarn is a waterproof, 2-layer fabric characterized by its cotton-like look, high resistance (nylon yarn), as well as extreme softness—for comfort and free-feeling, ergonomic movement. It is composed of 100% recycled nylon yarn and is used in our Catalyst 2L Jackets and Catalyst 2L Pants.

H/ WPS 2L Stretch Ripstop Shell
The 2L Stretch Ripstop Shell is an exciting new fabric for season 21/22. Its premium waterproofing and breathability is rated at 20K/15K. A durable build and built-in stretch add robust protection and comfort to the package. This high-performance fabric refreshes FW garments such as the Manifest 2L Jacket and Bib.

I/ WPS 2L Chambray
This urban inspired fabric looks like blue denim, but is in fact waterproof and breathable. Featured in the Catalyst 2L Pants and Catalyst Insulated Shirt, for riders who require high performance in stealth mode.

J/ WPS Light Woven Nylon
Waterproof and breathable, this light woven nylon is found in the Catalyst insulated shirt (slate black and golden earth) as well as the reinforcements in the Root Classic Fleece and Down jackets. Soft to the touch and weather-proof, it‘s ultimately versatile for life up high.

K/ WPS Light Woven Shell
This light face fabric brings comfort and weather-proofing to the Root Down Jackets. Its hydrophobic qualities repel moisture and prevent down migration, bolstering the performance of these sustainably sourced puff layers.



Light Shells are designed to be worn as an outer layer, generally in milder conditions. Fabrics used in these garments are breathable and promote warmth, suitable for milder and less extreme winter conditions. We use the following materials and technologies in our LTS garments:

A/ LTS Airtastic™ DWR 20D Ripstop
Lightweight, durable, 100% nylon ripstop shell for generous stretch, durability and exceptional breathability—with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish. Ripstop is a special reinforcing technique that makes garments resistant to tearing and ripping. Composed of 100% nylon that is Oeko-Tex® approved. Present in our Manifest Crew Necks and the Manifest Hybrid Tour Jacket and Pant.

B/ LTS DWR 35D Wax
Weather resistant fabric, coated with wax for lightweight weather protection. This fabric is made of 100% polyester that is Oeko-Tex® approved. It is present in our Root Coach Jacket.

C/ LTS Airtastic™ 30D Ripstop
This is a lightweight, breathable, weather-proof fabric built with a durable water repellent finish and ripstop for lightweight protection from the elements. Ripstop structure reinforces the nylon thread to provide high resistance to wear and tear, plus windproofing. It is composed of 100% nylon with a 100% polyurethane coating that is Oeko-Tex® approved. This material is utilized in our Manifest Quilted Hoodie.

D/ LTS Cordura Stretch DWR
The cordura side panels of the Manifest Tour 3L Bib are incredibly soft to touch, providing unparalleled comfort on long days spent touring in the backcountry. This fabric is also found in the Manifest Hybrid Tour Hoodie and Pant.

E/ LTS Downproof Lining
This lightweight lining made from 100% recycled polyester is the perfect companion to down insulation.

F/ LTS Nylon Stretch DWR
This nylon fabric has incredible stretch and a PFC free DWR coating that provides water resistance without a membrane. This ensures optimal breathability, which is perfect for protection against wind and rain in warmer climates.



Puff Layers are designed to be worn underneath a waterproof shell as a mid-layer, providing maximum warmth. Filled with insulating materials, these garments provide maximum levels of warmth and heat retention. PFL are also suitable to be worn as an outer layer in dry winter conditions. We use the following materials and technologies in our PFL garments:

A/ PFL Primaloft® Black Eco Insulation 40/60g
Primaloft® Black Eco Insulation is comprised of 80% post-consumer recycled materials, with advanced fiber technology to create a high-performance, eco-friendly insulation for cozy warmth without the bulk. This fabric is Bluesign® approved and made of 80% recycled fibers (recycled PET bottles) and 20% polyester. The 40g fabric is used in the Manifest Crew Necks, Catalyst Insulated Shirt and Catalyst 2L pants, and the 60g fabric is used in our Manifest Quilted Hoodie and Catalyst 2L Jackets.

B/ PFL DWR 35D High Frequency
This is a weather-resistant fabric, coated with wax for lightweight protection, complemented by an extremely soft insulating material thanks to a high frequency assembly. It is composed of 100% polyester which is Oeko-Tex® approved, and it’s used in our Catalyst Riding Shirts and Vest.

C/ PFL Polartec® Alpha® 100g
Alpha® insulation is engineered for consistent warmth, while allowing greater breathability on uphill hikes. This durable and warm mid-layer allows for temperature regulation without shedding layers. As featured in the Manifest Hybrid Tour Hoodie.

D/ PFL Polartec® Alpha® 80g
This slightly lighter weight Alpha® insulation is engineered for consistent warmth. The ama- zing breathability of this fabric allows for temperature regulation without shedding layers. As featured in the Manifest Hybrid Tour Pant.

E/ PFL Re-Down 80/20
This sustainably sourced down is the eco friendly choice for mid-winter puff layers. The 100% recycled insulation is featured in the Root Down Jackets. For more information on Re-Down, please visit this page.



Mid Layers are designed to be worn underneath a waterproof shell. These garments are designed to provide extra warmth and heat retention. They are also suitable as an outer layer in dry winter conditions. We use the following material and technologies in our MDL garments:

A/ MDL Polartec® Shearling Thermal Pro Series™
Polartec® Shearling Thermal Pro Series™ provides a warm layer for outdoor activities in the bitter cold and comes complete with a natural, organic look. It is composed of 100% polyester which is Oeko-Tex® approved. This fabric is used in our Root Pillow Fleece.

B/ MDL Polartec® Powerstretch® Pro™
Polartec® Powerstretch® Pro™ is a fabric that wicks moisture and regulates breathability like a base material, but with the fortified ability to handle direct exposure to the elements. The next-to-skin surface keeps you warm and dry through touch points that diffuse and evaporate water vapor (perspiration). It is composed of 31% nylon, 52% polyester and 17% lycra, and is Oeko-Tex® and Bluesign® approved. We use this fabric in our Manifest 2L Bibs, Manifest Tour Hybrid Hoodie, Manifest Crew Necks and Manifest Powerstretch® Pro™ Hoodies.

C/ MDL Polartec® 200 Series Double Velour
Providing softness and warmth to garments such as the Root Classic Fleece, this premium Polartec® product ensures the utmost comfort and dependable durability.

D/ MDL Polartec® Alpha™ Direct
New in FW‘s 21/22 collection, the POLARTEC® Alpha™ Direct is a high-performance mid-layer fabric composed of 63% recycled polyester that is featured in the Manifest Alpha Fleece Hoodie MDL. It is highly breathable, quick- drying and thermo-regulating, meaning you won‘t need to add and subtract layers as you stop and start intense exercise.

E/ MDL Polartec® Power Air™
Polartec® Power Air™ is a new fabric that is both warm and sustainable. Built with 92% recycled materials, the construction of the fabric also prevents microfiber migration, keeping waterways clean. Featured in the SOURCE Power Air Jacket MDL, this fabric's urban look and technical capabilities make it incredibly versatile.

F/ MDL Polartec® Power Grid™ Light
Featured in the Manifest Powergrid Crew MDL, this recycled fabric wicks moisture like a boss and provides lightweight warmth that breathes as you work hard through intense activities. This bi-component knit is built in a grid structure from 89% recycled polyester.

G/ MDL Polartec® Thermal Pro® Sherpa Light
New for 21/22, the Polartec® Thermal Pro® Sherpa Light is a feather-weight pile fleece made of 100% recycled polyester and featuring a great warmth to weight ratio. Featured in the Root Sherpa Light Crew Neck and Jogger MDL‘s, these garments are perfect for outdoor activities and down days.



Leisure Wear garments are comfortable and ergonomic, and are designed to be worn under Light Shells and Puff or Mid Layers on the mountain and off the mountain, too. We use the following materials and technologies for our LSW garments:

A/ LSW Polycotton 300mg
Polycotton is made of 70% organic cotton and 30% polyester thread for an ultra quick-drying character, a soft surface texture and a warm brushed backing for comfort. It is used in our Catalyst Tech Pullover Hoodie.

B/ LSW Diagonal Organic Cotton 300mg
This ultra-soft and lightweight fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable to the touch. This 100% organic cotton is used in our Source Crew Necks.

C/ LSW Jersey Organic Cotton 160g
This jersey knit is made from 100% organic cotton and found in the Source Crew T-shirts.

D/ LSW Interlock Recycled
This is a brushed technical knit made from recycled polyester and organic cotton, featured in the Woman Source Zip Hoodie, a sustainable mid-layer for urban and outdoor activities.

E/ LSW Lightweight Merino Wool Mix
This new lightweight merino wool mix fits right into the SOURCE collection. The soft-to-touch heather yarn is a delight against the skin and the light draping of the fabric ensures a casual look with all the technical benefits of merino: breathability, odor resistance, warmth and moisture wicking.



Base Wear garments are designed to be worn as a first layer, directly against your skin. Designed with 90-100% Merino wool, these garments are the first layer of defense from cold winter conditions, providing excellent heat retention and breathability.

A/ BSW Lightweight Merino Wool
A natural thermo-regulator, merino wool benefits from great warmth and breathability as well as anti-odor properties. The lightweight fabric has a jersey structure, making it stretch easily and comfortably. We use lightweight, 100% Merino wool which is Oeko-Tex® approved in our Manifest Tour Hybrid Pant, Raw LW Crews LS, Raw LW Crews SS and Raw ¾ Tights. It is also used in some of our accessories: Merino Hoodie Neck Warmer and Merino Neck Warmer.

B/ BSW Rapt™ Merino Wool/Brushed
This midweight Merino fabric provides extreme comfort and breathability. A natural thermo-regulator, merino wool benefits from great warmth, breathability and anti-odor properties. The nylon core thread makes the fabric incredibly strong, perfect for outdoor activities. It is composed of 90% Merino wool, 8% nylon and 2% spandex and is Oeko-Tex® approved. We use this fabric in our Raw Balaclava Hoodie, Raw MW Crew LS and Raw Jogger.



Our accessories are designed to complement FW gear. Featuring headwear and more, AXS garments may be worn as standalone pieces or integrated into your outfit for truly rounded protection from the elements.


What base layer, mid-layer and outerwear combinations work the best?

FW gear has the elements handled from breathable base wear, through to insulated mid-layers and weatherproof outer layers. The aim of the game is to 1) keep moisture out while 2) allowing for breathable functionality that keeps warmth in when it’s cold—all while 3) allowing ventilation when it’s warm. No matter the weather up high on the mountain or down in town, all of our FW garments are designed to layer together in such a way that you may maintain a warm and dry microclimate. Rest assured all of the garments have been rigorously tested and exceed the highest standards of performance. If you’re truly looking for the top of the line combination, consider the Manifest 3L offerings paired with any of our mid-layers and base wear.

Read on for more information on why layering matters. 

If you’re investing in weatherproof, breathable outer layers, make sure that you have the right layering system to support the outer layer’s technology.

If you combine the best WPS garments with non-breathing mid layers or synthetic base layers—despite the jacket’s technology—you will end your day as a wet and smelly mess. Similarly, if you put a non-breathing raincoat (or poncho) over your merino BSW, the thermo regulatory properties of the Merino will be rendered useless.

Follow these steps for the ultimate FW gear layering system:

BSW - Next to Skin
Wear FW’s merino base wear next to your skin for its optimal warmth to weight ratio, ultimate breathability, moisture wicking and anti-odor properties.

PFL + MDL - Mid Layers
Wear FW’s puff layers and mid-layers for a little added insulation on a cold winter day. The Manifest Crewneck is a standout garment that provides recycled insulation with breathable and stretchy side body, optimizing temperature regulation.

WPS - Outermost Layer
Wear FW’s waterproof shells as your outermost layer to keep snow and rain OUT, and keep warmth IN while perspiration moves away from your body. From 3-layer to 2-layer membranes, FW has your needs covered this winter.


Is FW gear a member of 1% For The Planet?

Yes, FW is a member of 1% for the Planet. This means that 1% of all FW sales go to support non-profit organizations that serve the planet we love and enjoy. Through research, cash donations and volunteering, we will use 1% FTP to disrupt the status quo and instigate positive changes that benefit our environment.

Our view on sustainability is an open ended conversation; we are constantly searching to refine our materials and reduce our impact. We strongly assert that quality is sustainability. We make products to last while incorporating materials like recycled yarn that stand up to those standards and keep our products out of landfills.

What organizations does FW support via 1% For The Planet donations?

In season 19/20, we collaborated with Protect Our Winters Switzerland on their Food Trails project, which tackles the impact our diet has on the planet. A short film was made about the experience which encourages the Swiss Alpine Huts to serve locally sourced, organic, vegetarian food. You can check this out here.

Going forwards, we continue to work with POW chapters in Switzerland and the United States. 

We are also supporting social projects, such as Coombs Outdoors. Coombs Outdoors is a foundation that empowers low income children to get out into the great outdoors regardless of racial, socio-economic or cultural barriers.

What is the environmental impact of my FW garments?

At FW, quality is the first step of sustainability. We are forward-thinking from our product development, to our approach to sustainable fabrics. We have incorporated eco-friendly fabrics where they have passed our rigorous quality and durability standards. We are not making eco-friendly products destined for landfill, but quality garments that are built to last and last. Our repair program is another way in which we’re ensuring our garments stand the test of time.

Our product descriptions explain what aspects of the garments are most eco-friendly. For example, the Root Anorak face fabric is made of Oxford recycled yarn.

What does FW gear do to look after the planet we love?

First, our 1% for the Planet membership demonstrates our financial commitment and our moral obligation to fight against the harmful impacts of human-induced climate change.

Our Quality and Sustainability Manager and our product team are constantly searching for less impactful materials and processes that stand up to our rigorous quality standards.

We enforce a strict manufacturer code of conduct; we regularly visit our factories to ensure our rigorous standards are upheld.

Our company supports sustainability and social responsibility from its core; every FW job role has its own CSR standards to uphold. Our employee handbook guides the FW crew towards more sustainable practices. Our team speaks on a weekly basis to share what we have done for the planet, so we can continue to evolve more sustainable practises within our business and personal lives.

How do you ensure the sustainable sourcing of your fabrics?

Merino: we have full transparency within our merino wool supply chain and can map the wool back to the farm. Our wool is coming from non-mulesed sheep in New Zealand and Australia.

Down: We source our down from Re:Down, the down and feathers are extracted from post consumer goods, for example pillows and duvets that are handed in to textile collectors and are reused in our garments. By using Re:Down we aim for a zero-waste down production.

Cotton: The organic cotton we source is GOTS certified, which means it is not treated with any toxic substances and that our garments containing organic cotton are produced at a manufacture which enforces strict social and environmental standards.

Does the down in your products come from animals that were force-fed or live-plucked? 

Re:Down offers only down and feathers from post consumer goods, with no new animal input. For more information, please visit this page.

How can I best care for my FW garment in the laundry?

You may find detailed information on how to properly look after your garments to make them last longer via our care instruction page.

Where can I find more information on FW’s sizing?

If you are wondering which size is the right fit for you, you can check out our size guides.


Where can I view my order?

You will receive an automatic confirmation email when the order is confirmed, and another one when the order is shipped, complete with a tracking number. If you wish to modify your order after it has been confirmed, please email

Shipping / Delivery

Shipping costs

For you, our valued customer, shipping is free on orders above 200€ / 200 CHF / $200 / ¥15,000. If you are an investor or a member of the FW Pro Program shipping costs will apply.

  • Canada: $6.50
  • Euro zone: 6.50€
  • Japan: ¥1,000
  • Switzerland: 6.50 CHF 
  • United Kingdom: £30
  • United States: $6.50

Delivery time

Delivery times vary depending on an order’s destination. The below information gives an estimate of standard shipping times for an assortment of popular regions. Please note that these figures are merely estimates and never guaranteed; public holidays, peak season processing or incomplete shipping addresses may delay the delivery of your order. Please note: we do not ship to PO Boxes.


  • European Union: 3 - 5 working days
  • Switzerland: 4 - 6 working days
  • Norway: 4 - 6 working days
  • United Kingdom: 4 - 6 working days

United States:

  • Northeast 5 - 7: working days
  • Southeast 5 - 7: working days
  • Midwest 3 - 5: working days
  • West 1 - 3: working days
  • Alaska 5 - 10: working days
  • Hawaii 7 - 10: working days


  • BC: 1 - 3 working days
  • Alberta: 3 - 5 working days
  • Saskatchewan: 4 - 7 working days
  • Manitoba: 4 - 7 working days
  • Ontario: 5 - 7 working days
  • Quebec, Newfoundland, Labrador, and Nova Scotia: 5 - 10 working days


  • Hokkaido: 4 - 6 working days
  • Other locations: 3 - 5 working days


You will receive a tracking number via email once your order is dispatched. If you haven’t received a tracking number after 4 to 5 working days of placing your order, please contact us at


We only ship to the United States, Canada, Japan, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland. Please visit each locations' website to place an order.


What is FW’s return policy?

If you changed your mind or the product ordered doesn’t match your needs, you may return your purchase within 30 days of receiving it for a full refund or an exchange. The product should be in new condition, in its original packaging and still hold its labels. If the product has been damaged, worn or has had the labels removed, it will not be possible for us to issue a refund. 

Upon receiving the product you’ve returned, we will issue a full refund within 14 days. Refunds will be issued using the same means of payment as the original order.

Can I exchange my garment?

If you wish to exchange an item, we encourage you to process a return and place a new order, as we cannot hold stock while an exchange is being processed. 

We strongly encourage you to order items with thoughtful consideration, to avoid the environmental cost of returning items to the warehouse.

Are returns free?

Returns are free on all orders ; although we don't encourage our dear customers to order several sizes and then return one. Our team is available to help you select the right size for your via email or the Live Chat on our website.  

FW Pro program members are not eligible for free returns.

To begin the returns process, please check this page.


Does FW have a repair program?

We build our products to last, but if you have found the limitations of our gear, we always aim to repair, rather than replace. We offer a two-year warranty on all products from the date of purchase against defects in workmanship and materials.

Our warranty policy does not cover damage caused by accidents, improper care, negligence or normal wear and tear. We recommend that you follow the washing instructions listed on your garment.

Once we have reviewed your information regarding a potential repair, we will evaluate the best possible solution in accordance with our guidelines. We will always try to repair your garment, in an effort to reduce our impact on the planet. If the garment is deemed non-repairable, we will do our best to find an alternative solution for you.

To begin the repair process, please check this page

How long does it take to have my garment repaired?

Repairing your garment can take up to 21 days in high peak season.

I unintentionally damaged my garment, can I still have it repaired? 

If the damage on your garment is due to wear and tear or to an accident, we can put you in touch with our repair centers in an effort to have your garment repaired.

Pro Program

Does FW have a pro program?

The FW Pro Program is a membership program for qualified mountain and outdoor professionals. For more information, please check this page.